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When we buy an expensive recreational vehicle, we like to have it close by so we can admire it and then take it out whenever we feel like it. The downside is that we often have to park it on the lawn, on the road or up the drive. Another downside is that the item is never as secure as we would like, particularly if it is parked on the road.

Wouldn't you rather have it parked in a secure area that you can access whenever you like? In the storage industry, we have outdoor storage commonly referred to as hardstand, internal storage or drive-up storage units.

10 x 25 Outside... Only $80.25


Storing a car in a storage unit is a sound idea, particularly if the car is valuable, or the storage is going to be long-term. Our storage center has units suited to the storage of your car. The alternative to a storage unit is outdoor or hardstand storage and is particularly suited to short-term storage. Hardstand also works well for companies wanting to store trucks overnight.


Marinas are expensive and hard to come by. If your boat is on a trailer, why not consider hardstand storage? Hardstand storage is very flexible since you only need rent the space month-to-month and can come and go as you please. Centres with hardstand space also offer access hours that will suit early pick-up and late drop-offs.



Would you park your jet ski outside your house overnight or leave it in the driveway? Probably not a good idea! A storage unit with a lockable door is the ideal way to store your recreational vehicle. You can drop down to the storage centre any time to pick it up, take it for a spin, then drop it into your secure storage unit at the end of the day.


If you have you bought yourself a new Harley Davidson and need somewhere secure to park it, why not consider renting a storage unit? Once again, you have the freedom of a month-to-month rental agreement and you can drop into the storage centre any time to pick up your bike and take it for a long ride. Then at the end of the day, you can park it back inside your secure storage unit. Your storage unit is also the ideal place to store your spares, allowing you the freedom to work on your bike inside your storage unit.

Our storage center is accessed via a gate access code (PIN) unique to you and we have 24/7 video monitoring, so why not make the change today?

10 x 25 Outside... Only $80.25

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